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There are some duos that were born to greatness: Romulus and Remus. Calvin and Hobbes. Jake and Elwood Blues. Others achieve their greatness later in life: Lennon and McCartney. Riggs and Murtaugh. Turner and Hooch. There are some, though, that have greatness thrust upon them.

This is one of those situations:

I have almost no words for how fundamentally happy this image makes me - from the pulpy design, to the insanity of the concept, right back around to the gloriously geeky Marvel villain Easter egg hidden in the cast at the bottom there.

Artist Marco D'Alfonso created the piece for CBR's The Line it is Drawn - and aside from the large chunks of childhood innocence that it may just have burned away, it might just be the greatest thing to have hit the internet since cloud computing.

And besides, it's not as though Disney didn't ruin all of our childhoods when they made Bambi in the first place...

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What do you guys think? What other dark Disney mashup would you most like to see?

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