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As all true Hunger Games fans already know, Mockingjay, which wraps up the story of Katniss Everdeen in the young adult dystopian sci-fi, will be split into two movies with a year between their respective release dates: November 21, 2014 and November 20, 2015.

Lionsgate appears to be following the lead of two other teen-based literary franchises - Harry Potter and Twilight - whose final books were also split into two films (rightfully or not). Is this good news for fans of The Hunger Games franchise?

On the one hand, it could be viewed as another conceited example of Hollywood attempting to double their profits regardless of the potentially damaging results. But on the other (less cynical) hand, it could be seen as a useful extension of the Hunger Games world, which will heighten the anticipation of the movie's finale and also give the filmmakers a good amount of time to make sure that Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of the cast exit in style.

In fact, Stanley Tucci, who plays colorful changeling host Caesar Flickerman in the franchise, has offered up his two cents on the matter, and revealed that:

I think it does make sense to split it into two movies. You don't want to cram a lot of information into one. You'd either have one sort of very long movie or... we know those characters so well that we want to take the time to see their progression.

Hmm... I loved the first two movies, but I'm still struggling to see that this decision to split Mockingjay hasn't got greed written all over it. Besides which, I won't believe anything that Tucci monster says. He tried to kidnap Beethoven.


Do you think that Mockingjay is best served as two films?

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