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If you like to see attractive teenage actors and actresses running around in post-apocalyptic wastelands - basically if you liked The Host - then you're probably also going to be interested in the upcoming adaptation of The 5th Wave.

We already knew Chloe Moretz had been cast in the lead role of Cassie, but now we've found out she'll be joined by Nick Robinson - and no, I don't mean the BBC's political correspondent, I mean the young up-and-coming actor... obviously.

Robinson has been increasingly gobbling up roles ever since breaking out in ABC's family sitcom Melissa and Joey, as well as appearing in last year's The Kings of Summer. His star turn in that movie obviously caught the eye of Colin Trevorrow, as he is also due to appear in his upcoming blockbuster, [Jurassic World](movie:32752).

[The 5th Wave](movie:1070771) is the big screen adaptation of the 2013 young adult novel of the same name by Rick Yancey. The sci-fi flick, which is directed by J. Blakeson, sees a world which has been ravaged by wave after wave of alien attacks. Cassie Mullivan (Moretz) and her plucky gang of survivors are all that remains to stand against the ominous 'fifth assault wave'.

Of course, as it customary in these kind of movies, Cassie's high school crush, Ben 'Zombie' Parish (who'll be played by Robinson) has also survived, although now he's some kind of heroic alien killing badass, and not the just the dreamy guy sitting at the back of home economics. So I assume she's going to try and kill the aliens, save her brother and hook up with Ben all in one fell swoop.

They'll be joined by Evan, played by young British star Alex Roe, another resistance fighter who might hold the key to Earth's survival. As helpfully provided by this tweet, all three stars are likely to pull in the young adult crowd with their lovely, flawless visages. Of course, in the real post-alien-invasion-apocalypse anyone with at least three teeth would be viewed as the new Brad Pitt, but I guess we're just supposed to suspend our sense of disbelief.

The 5th Wave is just the first in a trilogy of planned novels from Yancey, with the second outing, The Infinite Sea expected on September 16th of this year. With three attractive leads, do I detect a love-triangle developing?

What do you think? After Divergent, The Host, The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games and The Giver are you still interested in post-apocalyptic/dystopian young adult fiction?


Does The 5th Wave sound like an interesting original concept to you?

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