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Although the mere thought of The Vampire Diaries drawing to a close is enough to make us fans wildly hyperventilate, it's always great to hear what our favourite stars plan to get up to when they leave.

Of all of the cast (shhhh, don't tell Ian!) it's Paul Wesley's work outside [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) , and his future plans that interest me the most. He's acted in two Indie films in the last year including the stunning Sam and Amira which beautifully tackles stereotyped views of American Muslims, and he plans to keep working on movies with a 'gritty urban' feel.

When asked about the sort of future work he envisions undertaking, Wesley answered;

I like doing sort of gritty, urban stories. I do tend to gravitate towards that

When it comes to future TV projects, Wesley has been thinking deeply about the format that best promotes creativity. He explained to interviewers that;

Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of cable television. I think the model of doing 13 episodes a year is ... really great as far as creativity is concerned because it’s less stressful for the writers…The 13-episode model is something that really intrigues me. Post-Vampire Diaries, I definitely think that’s something I want to explore

If you have 17 minutes to burn, you can watch the entire video of Paul Wesley discussing his future below;


Will you follow Paul Wesley's career after The Vampire Diaries?

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