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A feature length Ian Somerhalder experience is almost upon us, and the man himself can't sing The Anomaly's praises loud enough.

In an interview with Digital Spy Somerhalder revealed that it was the real-world parallels between Noel Clark's script and large conglomerates that really inspired him to get stuck into the project.

Ian Somerhalder explained that;

Imagine Pfizer or Roche, one of those big pharmaceutical companies, being owned by one family. My character's father Dr Langham, who is played by Brian Cox, understands that humanity is exceeding its resource pool at such an alarming rate that it can't continue on this path. It's what's happening in the world now

The actor then told us how Dr Langham's method of slowing down the relentless expansion of humanity was through mass mind control. Being the ethically minded soul that he is, Somerhalder was quick to point out that this method wasn't going to win the Nobel Peace Prize. He explained that;

You can't take away people's free will, but the righteous intention is there. He wants to make sure that the planet has a future, which is something I live to do

Are you suggesting you would resort to universal brainwashing if it would secure the future of the planet Somerhalder?! Interesting stuff!

[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) actor was also questioned about the influences that came to mind when he read the script and he described [The Anomaly](movie:983906) as a heady mix of;

Memento meeting Matt Damon's The Bourne Identity

The high profile actor also answered questions about why he was willing to star in such a low budget production, and apparently the sparky, passionate personality of Noel Clark was a key factor. Somerhalder told interviewers that;

Noel is extremely giving with his information, and he has so much passion and compassion for the art of film. He shares it so freely and I'm grateful for that

If you need reminding about how smouldering Somerhalder looks in the trailer, have a little peek at the video below!

The Anomaly is set to be released on Friday, July 4, in the UK, the American release date is not yet confirmed.


Are you excited about 'The Anomaly'?

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