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Ian Somerhalder teased a new Vampire Diaries cast member on Instagram recently, but as you may of guessed from the sarcastically winking article image I have carefully chosen, he wasn't being entirely serious.

Take a look at the image below and see if you're sporty enough to get the joke;

For all of you soccer novices out there, that's notorious World Cup biter Luis Suarez getting ready to sink his overexercised fangs into Somerhalder's succulent shoulder.

Suarez, who plays for Uruguay, lost his temper and violently bit his opponent Giorgio Chiellini during a World Cup match just over a week ago.

You've gotta love Ian for turning a serious sporting faux pas into something we can all have a laugh at!

On a more serious note, that Hannibal Lecter in shorts needs a ban, and swiftly! Only vampires are allowed to bite, Suarez...


Do you love Ian Somerhalder's sense of humor?

(Source: The CW)

(Images: Cape Antiques Shop, The CW via Getty)


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