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Yesterday I reported that Shia LaBeouf had taken his screaming, fight starting, homeless baiting ass into rehab after his busy week of douchery, but sadly, that is not the case.

Shia’s rep has told TMZ that he’s not drying out in rehab, but he is getting help for his out of hand addiction to booze. TMZ issues the following statement explaining what they had learnt about LeBeouf's condition;

Shia’s rep tells us reports that he entered a rehab facility are bogus. She says his bizarre conduct over the last few months is symptomatic of a larger health issue — alcohol addiction — and he understands it. The rep says “he has taken the first of many necessary steps toward recovery

So, even if X17's report that Shia was spotted entering rehab was false, it seems like their mention of the alcoholics anonymous big blue book was bang on the money.

Let's just hope LaBeouf has the strength to power through those 12 steps without a team of rehab specialists behind him.

Alcoholism is a killer disease that destroys more lives than any other drug addiction, and the temptation to relapse is everywhere.

Good luck, Shia!


Do you think Shia is wise to try and dry out alone?

(Source: Dlisted via TMZ)

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