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I'll open this one with an image from the 10-year anniversary of School of Rock in 2013.

Check it out:

Even this is a massive leap from the opening image. They've all grown up but we're wondering, not just what they look like but what they've been getting up to in the interim.

Joey Gaydos Jr., Zack Mooneyham a.k.a 'Zack Attack'

[Credit: Paramount Pictures/@JoeyGaydosJr Twitter]
[Credit: Paramount [email protected] Twitter]

Formed The Joey Gaydos Group in 2005 and released a debut album in July 2006 which can be bought for 10 bucks from CDBaby. He is the lead guitarist of a band called Badd Raquette. Gaydos was arrested in 2009 for a DUI offense but has had no charges since and lives a quiet life playing music.

Check him out playing:

Bonus Fact:

Gaydos Jr. has been playing guitar since he was 3 years old.

Miranda Cosgrove: Summer Hathaway a.k.a. 'Tinkerbell'

[Credit: Paramount Pictures/@mirandacosgrove Instagram]
[Credit: Paramount [email protected] Instagram]

Since Rock, Cosgrove has enjoyed a successful acting career, becoming a regular on the hugely popular TV series Drake and Josh, for which she appeared in approximately 60 episodes. She then went on to do her own show, iCarly, which aired from 2007 to 2012. She has done voice work on the Despicable Me series and is set to appear in an upcoming TV movie Girlfriend in a Coma.

Bonus Fact:

She could actually sing and was taught how to sing badly in the scene where Dewey is auditioning for backing singers.

Kevin Alexander Clark: Freddy Jones a.k.a 'Spazzy McGee'

[Credit: Paramount Pictures/@brianpocrass Instagram]
[Credit: Paramount [email protected] Instagram]

Clark became a professional drummer and currently lives in Chicago. He remains good friends with cast mate Rebecca Brown. Currently he also seems to enjoy a low profile like his cast mate Maryam Hassan.

Bonus Fact:

Freddy's nickname 'Spazzy Magee' was a reference to an earlier version of the script where the character had ADD and could've been seen taking Ritalin in class.

See also:

Rebecca Brown: Katie a.k.a. 'Posh Spice'

[Credit: Paramount Pictures/@usuallybeccabrown Instagram]
[Credit: Paramount [email protected] Instagram]

Brown still plays music and regularly uploads her performances to her YouTube channel, Becca Brown. She has also played bass with the band Sweet Revenge.

Check out Becca perform Neil Youngs 'Don't Let it Bring You Down':

Bonus Fact:

Brown knew numerous instruments - piano and cello to name a few - before the School of Rock production, but in fact learned bass from scratch to play the character of Katie. Bit of a badass, it has to be said.

Robert Tsai: Lawrence a.k.a. 'Mr. Cool'

[Credit: Paramount Pictures/@mirandacosgrove Instagram]
[Credit: Paramount [email protected] Instagram]

Responsible for one of the greatest putdowns in cinema history, he will be immortalized with the lines:

"You're a fat loser, and you have body odour."

Robert Tsai graduated from the University of Dartmout. He often gave piano recitals while he attended the university.

He currently rocks the keyboard - the one that's connected to the computer - as he successfully blogs about his life as a dancer/photographer/teacher/student/homosapien on the site Make Sure My Pen Works.

He is also one of the dancers of the successful dance group Instant Noodle Crew.

Check them out below:

Bonus fact:

Tsai approached director Richard Linklater and said that he was too shy and insecure to be in the movie and asked could he be let go. Linklater's response was that it was these exact things that made him right for it and kept him in the movie.

Maryam Hassan: Tomika 'Songbird'

[Credit: Paramount Pictures/@mayhrenate Instagram]
[Credit: Paramount [email protected] Instagram]

Hassan, who played Tomika a.k.a 'Songbird', has enjoyed the quiet life it would seem, most likely on purpose. However, she did return to perform at the ten year anniversary concert with the rest of the School of Rock.

Caitlin Hale: Marta 'Blondie'

[Credit: Paramount Pictures/@caitlinmhale Instagram]
[Credit: Paramount [email protected] Instagram]

Hale was last known to be studying at the University of Arizona and keeping up her blog, Gluten Free Celebrity. She has also kept out of the spotlight and hopes to pursue a career in entertainment journalism.

Aleisha Allen: Alicia 'Brace Face'

[Credit: Paramount Pictures/@AleishaLaNae Twitter]
[Credit: Paramount [email protected] Twitter]

Aleisha Allen has enjoyed moderate success in a few Ice Cube movies, Are We There Yet? which spawned a sequel Are We Done Yet? Just after School of Rock she enjoyed success with voicing the character of Side Table Drawer on the kids show Blue's Clues.

Most recently she appeared in the Jason Reitman movie Young Adult, which also starred Charlize Theron.

Finally for your viewing pleasure. Check out the band as they perform School of Rock live at the Austin Texas Ten Year Reunion:

Well that certainly put a smile on my face.

Who are you most surprised at, in terms of how much they've changed?


Who has changed the most?

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