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Two Frozen characters have been cast for the first part of the fourth season of ABC’s [Once Upon a Time](series:720994). When the final frosty scene of the season 3 finale played out on viewers’ screens, it truly seemed like a dream come true. There was so much excitement and anticipation for how these characters would be represented in their live-action versions. The main characters that everyone expects to see are Kristoff and Anna. But of course, most people probably only care about the awesomeness that is Queen Elsa.

Kristoff will be played by ABC Family’s Greek star, Scott Michael Foster.

He has also acted in The River, Californication, Chasing Life, and Halt and Catch Fire.

Newcomer, Elizabeth Lail, will play Anna.

Although she is new to a lot of television lovers, she will probably gain more fame after this breakthrough role. There is still no news about who will portray Elsa next season, but fans are very anxious to know.


Once Upon A Time is known for featuring many beloved and famous characters that have appeared in popular Disney movies. If there is one thing we have learned from the series, it is that many things could change. Rabid fans, including myself, feel like we know Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff personally, but that doesn’t mean we know what everything about them. It will be exciting to see how ABC decides to expand these amazing characters.

To see the favorite Frozen characters in live-action form, viewers will have to tune in to ABC’s Once Upon A Time this fall.

Are you pumped to see this interpretation of Frozen?


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