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“when she catches her husband having an affair, a woman attempts to castrate the cheater for his wrongdoing. Unsuccessful, she instead inflicts the unspeakable act on her own son, setting off a series of grotesque yet provocative events ranging from a hurried genitaltransplant to pain-inflicted orgasms that all merge in a continuous thread of delirious storytelling. With both husband and son damaged and living in grief, the wife returns as the family heads towards destruction even more horrific than before.”

Moebius is dialogue-free. Everything that happens in the film you understand through the characters actions, proving that actions do indeed speak louder than words. When Moebius was touring festivals, it was shocking crowds, proving that Korean filmmaker, Kim Ki-Duk, lives up to his provocative standards. Aside from being a sexual thriller where the characters are acting at their "most extreme and impulsive", it's also a "grim comedy". A film of this kind has never been done before up until this point, it's a completely experimental experience. The majority vote of those who have seen it at festivals are positive, but it's also said to be disturbing and "uncomfortably hilarious".

RAM Releasing will be releasing Moebius on VOD August 29th, but before then, it'll be hitting LA at the Cinefamily from August 8th, then New York at the Cinema Village from August 15th, and lastly Chicago at the Facets from August 22nd.

As horror fans, we're subjected to a lot of bad films. However, foreign horror seems to get it right more times than not. So, maybe Moebius will be the next talked about film in the horror community. All the variables are there. It's creative, one of a kind, provocative, brutal and funny! Like most people, I'll be waiting to see it until it lands on VOD, but I'm really looking forward to this one. It's got vast potential, and I want to see if it lives up to what's being said about it. Only time will tell.

How do you feel about Moebius being dialogue-free? Is that a good or bad thing?



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