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The bald minority at Moviepilot.
Tino Jochimsen

Done, finished, out - the Indiana Jones voting is closed.

You, the voting body of Moviepilot, have made your voices heard and have chosen the next Dr. Jones - that is if, and only if, the franchise will be rebooted.

And the winner...

... is this charming rascal:

The choice of Bradley Cooper isn't exactly surprising. The actor's name is never far off when it comes to virtually re-casting Harrison Ford's signature roles.

Before the naysayers (always the loudest) cry out in protest though, think about it. Cooper has charisma to spare, executed terrific taste when it came to choosing his roles in his post-Hangover days and is an actor of high caliber (two Oscar nominations!).

He has the learning - the bastard speaks French - and the action chops to fight Nazis, Indian cults and (please no more!) aliens convincingly.

Therefore I say along with the Grail Knight:


Bradley Cooper as Indy - wise choice?

Now that Indie's future is behind us, who should we cast next?

As our first two fan castings - Iron Man and Indiana Jones - were all-too heroic we thought: why so serious!

In our next voting extravaganza we therefore tackle one of the most legendary jokesters - and villains - in film history: The Joker.

The role offers some big shoes to fill for sure. Jack Nicholson as well as Heath Ledger delivered performances for the ages in their respective Batman films, with the latter even posthumously winning an Academy Award for the role.

With the recent casting of the great Scoot McNairy in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, rumors surfaced that the actor was in fact playing said role.

We don't know, but he's in the mix for our fan casting.

Tell us who else you want to play The Joker, once Christopher Nolan and Zac Snyder decide it's time for Batman's arguably greatest adversary to enter DC's Cinematic Universe - again!


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