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Jonathan J Moya

The MPAA is becoming a place where no butts. . .or boobs are allowed. Just weeks after the Eva Green Sin City nipple stipple comes the Zero Theorem gluteus maximus morass.

This time around it is not the front but the backside that is the offending fleshy protuberance. And just to prove that the MPAA is an equal opportunity and gender neutral offender-- it is a man that has been banned. No butts about it.

Zero Theorem has yet to acquire an American distributor. The director, Terri Gilliam (Brazil) released this statement about the controversy on his Facebook page:

Zero Theorem off to a good start in the US thanks to the Motion Picture Association of America’s censors. They have banned our teaser poster because of a bare butt. Your thoughts, please.

Honestly, I have no problem with this poster. If they really want to be fair they should ban all portrayal of naked babies also.

Tell me what you think about the poster and the MPAA's decision in the comments section.

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