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Reid Jones

Okay, I think I failed this. My name comes out to be... Restless Sinister. No me gusta nada. I swear these things are some of the simplest, yet most entertaining things ever. For example, after you put in your own name, you can try out celebrity names and other Marvel characters. Just to get your mind going, here are some fun celebrity & superheroes:

Tony Stark - Broker Commander

Robert Downey, Jr. - Restless Hunter

Steve Rogers - Commander Restless

Chris Evans - Planet Pirate

Nick Fury - Master Lord

Natasha Romanov - Master Restless

Scarlett Johannson - Commander Sinister

The possibilities are endless! I think Tony Stark's is so fitting, its a bit creepy. Still, there are so many celebrities to try out. Comment with your own, and/or with any funny combinations or celebrities you can come up with.


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