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Right, we all know DC is trying to catch up to Marvel and launch their own cinematic universe and I hope that they will consider the Suicide Squad to get their own movie. Here's why: They're Awesome + it could gets some non-nerd action junkies to watch.

So here's my pitch and cast for a suicide squad movie:


Well I'm gonna first say that I wanted to keep it to be a relatively small group with unique assets so that they all can have character development.

Deathstroke: Stephen Lang

Golden Oldie
Golden Oldie

I think this guy is the perfect man to play Deathstroke. In this Deathstroke would be a tactical no-nonsense genius who is not to be trusted, he becomes the on-field leader of the team getting the work done. He would stick pretty close to his origin story, he was a great soldier who wanted to be greater so volunteered to be given 'NTT#2' a new drug which is supposed to greatly increase every part of a person as such Slade got given great strength, speed, endurance, limitless stamina and a life span twice that of a normal human, he left the army and became a gun for hire. Was finally caught a few months before the film is set after he got caught in an explosion and was apprehended in Bludhaven where he was handed over to the police and then passed on to the SRS (Special Response Sector) which Amanda Waller is head of.

Deadshot: Jon Bernthal

For what I want from Deadshot I think Jon is a superb option. In my film I would want Floyd to be the comic relief almost, not forcibly funny, but makes snide remarks, tries to annoy Slade and tries to hit on the ladies yet is still the best sharpshooter in the world. He is the groups eye in the sky, watch's from distance and essential to the team. Was caught around a year before the film, he was attempting to take out a businessman in China but the FBI had put a mole in the temporary henchmen who rigged his gun to backfire and give away his location which led to his capture and shipping to a secure location.

Knockout: Scarlett Pomers


Knockout is there as the brute muscle but also as the female in the group to balance it out. She would keep her head in the game and shrug off attempts on her from men like Floyd and thoroughly enjoy beating people to a pulp. She would have extreme strength and durability being able to knock a wall down in a single punch the origin of this ability is unknown. A few years before the film she tried to steal equipment from a military base to sell and lets just say a few tanks and the odd attack helicopter got her in lock-up.

Bronze Tiger: Michael Jai White


IGNORE ARROW. I thought he was a great choice to play Ben but he just was done badly. Bronze Tiger would be comparative to Deathstroke except heavily focusing on the martial arts side of fighting he would be fast and agile. He would have a very proud attitude almost arrogant, he would consider Deathstroke his rival and always try and beat him. Bronze Tigers origins are unknown to the people in the movie except that he was 'Ben Turner' he took a trip to the east and came back as Bronze Tiger an assassin for hire. A few weeks before he was sent to take out a reporter from the Daily Planet who was getting to close to the mafia, there was half of the entire police force waiting to ambush him.

Cluemaster: Alan Skarsgard


Slightly weird choice but I felt that I needed a character that doesn't really exist so I chose a character that needs updating and an image change to turn him into what I want, like Cluemaster. I want him to be the techie of the group he gets into the systems and hacks doors open, controls communication and finds out what they need to do, like Oracle but actually on-site and can wield a gun reasonably well. Now him I want to be very professional but arrogant I want him to not particularly like Deadshot that much because of how unprofessional and sleazy he is. Deathstroke will acknowledge him and talk to him as a useful team mate. He was caught a few years beforehand after he hacked the pentagon for secrets to sell and left a little clue in the form of a bug on the system which with the help of Batman lead the authorities right to him.

Amanda Waller: Octavia Spencer

The Wall
The Wall

Amanda will pretty much stick to the pre 52 version of herself an intelligent, independent, burly woman. She will work for the government in the secret SRS (which she is head of) which deals with all the people in the world which are too tough for the other services to handle. She will live up to her nickname as 'The Wall'

Now On To The Synopsis (Please Read All The Way Through)

Start with very intense music as we start of by watching a convoy of armored vehicles trail through a city with a large truck in the center, we pan around looking from different angles then we watch as a group of highly trained looking men rob the truck (DarkKnightesque) and take a metallic cube container and then get away.

It cuts to the a week later, a board meeting over a round table in what looks like an underground military base, its a very grand thing. We watch as a general tells the rest of them the incident that occurred the night before and how they stole a very valuable item but refuses to specify what it is. He explains it was taken by a very powerful war lord in the middle east and is kept in his high tech military fortress he goes on to say that they have sent in their best team who had gotten killed almost instantly and furthermore he can't afford to send another team. The gathered officials start to chat among themselves when a burly woman stands from the circle. The officials stop talking and look at her. The General asks "yes Miss Waller?" to which she states "Well General it appears to me as if none of our entire military strength is skilled enough or expendable enough to retrieve that item. I think I may be able to help with that." then smirks.

We watch as Amanda, the General and a few other select members from the conference walk down a corridor to a door. The General walks forward and scans his key card, it declines he asks how that's possible Amanda states that this is more top secret than the 'Erdel' incident as she scans her card to let them in. They walk in and see five glass cube cells with a prisoner each. Amanda goes through each one explaining who they are and their abilities. They step into her office where she says to them "These people are who you need, their skill is beyond the best of our side, they are criminal therefore expendable to the point of death and are willing to conduct any mission to reduce their sentence" The General asks "Do 'they' have a name?" Amanda replies "Nothing official but I simply refer to them as 'The Suicide Squad'"

What follows is a series of epicness them fighting their way into the fortress, find out its not there, gets caught, escape and hunt the item down and bring it back. The Squad is led back to their cells, Amanda is congratulated and we finally see that the cube contained a large shard of kryptonite.

AFTER CREDIT SEQUENCE: Amanda is being lead through a heavily guarded corridor in a military base by Colonel Rick Flag Jr., Amanda asks "So would you care to tell me why i'm here?" to which he replies "Well we were impressed by your little team it was very successful" "And?" she asks, Rick goes "Well......." as he opens the door to a prison block with a few cells containing recognizable villains such as Killer Frost, Captain Boomerang, Major Disaster and Blockbuster "I think we may have a few candidates"


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