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The three big Hollywood studios Disney/Marvel, 20 Century Fox and Sony are going for the jugular and there is blood in the water. This year so far we've seen three releases from the Marvel comic universe- the first being Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, then The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and recently X-Men Days of Future Past. For the sake of full disclosure I've seen X-Men Days of Future Past and the Captain America 2 and I loved both films. I have yet to see Spider-Man. But with that being said, according to the latest box office receipts, the second movie in this latest incarnation of the Spider-Man franchise isn't doing as well as its predecessors.

Not good news for Sony. Still Sony looks to be coming to Marvel/Disney for help with its sagging Spider-Man enterprise by interconnecting their films with other characters set in the universe just like their Avengers counterparts.

Though it seems logical to fans the only way to really give Spider Man the shot in the arm it needs for box office success is to team him up with his other Marvel pals, Sony has stated they will never give back the film rights because it is still a hot property for them. Just like Fox, they merely want in on Marvel's box office gold like their counterparts over at Disney/Marvel with their Avengers' characters and their subsequent solo characters' films.

As if this writing, Amazing Spider Man 2 has made approximately 700 million worldwide compared to its predecessor's a little over 750 million. Hopefully the next set of films including Venom and Sinister Six (to be released before Amazing Spider Man 4) will give the web slinger the shot he needs to put him back on top.

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