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Rowan Odom

While I was on looking for movies coming out within this month and august I became very curious and just going through years that certain movies would be announced and of course I went all the way up to 2018 and I found something very interesting, and this website is a very reliable source on release date information, take a look at what I found:

Now, there are a lot of release dates on here for movies that you have heard of, like Amazing Spider-Man 4, Avatar 4, and Madagascar 4...but lets zoom in a bit...

So it seems very likely that we will be getting our big X-Men/Avengers crossover movie but this project does not have Sony's name on it, which could mean that our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man won't be showing up in this film, probably because it is just 3 months after The Amazing Spider-Man 4 so could Peter die in that movie, or does Sony just not want Spidey in the movie? Maybe it is not the X-Men/Avengers crossover, maybe its the Fantastic Four/Avengers crossover and we could get Fantastic Four and The Avengers teaming up to fight Galactus, which makes a good point ow that FOX has confirmed that the new 2015 reboot will not be in the X-Men universe!

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