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Rose Moore

You won't recognize him from the movies, but for a whole generation of Batman fans, this was the voice of Commissioner Gordon.

Bob Hastings, the tv and radio star worked as a voice actor across the animated Batman franchise since 1993. For over twenty years, he brought Jim Gordon to life on the small screen, working across ten different animation and video game projects.

His work includes; Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, The New Batman Adventures, Gotham Girls, Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu and Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, which was his last time reprising his signature DC role.

Bob Hastings died Monday June 30th, after a fifteen year fight against cancer. In honor of the man who defined the Commissioner for kids in the 90's, I've put together a quick video of his incredible work in the animated arena. (My apologies for some of the sound quality.)


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