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YouTube channel PlayerPiano gives us a special treat with their piano remix of the famous Akira/Kaneda theme. My initial reaction towards this video was a big two thumbs up to my computer screen (then I realized how stupid I looked), it was awesome to watch this all come to life in such an original setting. Not to sound like a buzzkill, but I prefer the originals over this due to the fact that I think there was a little too much going on in this remix. The originals had a very simplistic yet catchy tune. Despite that minor issue, the video turned out great!

From what I've read PlayerPiano had a hell of a talent pool of individuals on this project such as winning composer Sonya Belousova -

Award winning Composer & Pianist Sonya Belousova and Director Tom Grey bring the classic Japanese anime, Akira, to life in the premiere episode of Player Piano on the Geek & Sundry Network. Featuring Cellist Eru Matsumoto.

I applaud the entire team for putting so much time and energy in this video. I hope all of you enjoyed this video as much as I did!

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Akira fan art by ArtofTu


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