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Mason Flynn

You know those movies that are just completely mind-boggling. You know, the ones that you don't like upon watching them for the first time because of the fact that they are so weird. I love watching movies that make you think because it amazes me something as simple as a movie can be so complex and confusing. It doesn't really make sense that something that only takes up two hours of your life can make you think for the rest of it. The first time I saw Inception, I did not really care for it. At the time, I wanted to know exactly what was going on and didn't care for all of the underlying messages and philosophy behind the whole movie. I ended up watching it again and realized that I really liked it! Watching it for the second time, I spotted many things I had missed before. Then I watched it again.

The third time I realized I had missed even more things! I eventually purchased a book called "Inception and Philosophy" which helped explain a lot of the more questionable parts in the movie. Inception was probably the first movie that really pushed my love for movies with depth. I didn't appreciate the silly action or comedy movies as much as I did before and I constantly was searching for more movies with controversial plots. I was pretty amazed by Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises", but I could figure out that movie pretty well enough. I still couldn't find the perfect weird movie...So, I looked to Stephen King. I started reading The Shining at the beginning of this year and it was probably one of my favorite books I've ever read. Naturally I thought that the movie would be as good as the book.

The movie is not actually as good as the book. I was actually surprised at how many plot differences there were between the two. Stanley Kubrick pretty much completely tore up the book and made his own thing. So, in essence, I was kind of disappointed. I wanted to see everything that had happened in the book happen on the TV. I wanted to see (SPOILERS FROM THE BOOK) Jack Torrance hack his face off!

But then I started thinking about the movie. I really could not stop thinking about The Shining movie. It mentally scarred me! Not in a bad way, but in a weird way. I felt like I had missed something in it. So, I watched the documentary "Room 237" on Netflix and was amazed. "Room 237" talks about all of the underlying messages and theories of "The Shining". It was amazingly brilliant and an awesome watch.

Now that "The Shining"s mind-bogglingness has worn off on me, I need a new movie to question life.

So, what is the most mind-boggling movie you've ever seen?


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