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And here is Part 3 of my Batman/Superman crossover movie plot: World's Finest. If you've been slacking off and you somehow missed Parts 1 and 2 of the story, follow the links below!

And without further ado, I would like to present to you World's Finest Part 3. *cue dramatic music*

Part III

The two men eye each other, one standing with feet firmly planted on the ground and fists clenched, jaw tightened and eyes squinted. The other man floats in the air and looks relaxed, with his arms crossed and a calm expression plastered on his face. He lowers down until his boots make contact with the floor and he steps forward, reaching his hand out. "It's nice to finally meet the legend, Mr...Batman?" he says with a smile.

Batman just stands there and looks at him, his expression unchanging. Superman lowers his hand. "So what they say about you is true," Superman says. He crosses his arms once again and gives the cowled figure a smirk of amusement. "What brings you to Metropolis?"

"You," Batman replies bluntly, his voice low and raspy (not to Bale-like exaggerations though!!!).

"What about me?"

No response.

Superman looks at the man, his eyes squinting as he tries to figure out exactly what he is trying to get across. "You knew I'd show up here," Superman says.


"And you wanted me to be."



Batman holds his gaze. "To develop a personal opinion."

Superman gives him a curious glance, raising his eyebrows. "Regarding...?"

"Whether you're trustworthy or not."

Superman smiled, returning to his relaxed position. "And how do you plan on going about that?"

"I have my ways."

"Hmm...okay," Superman says, nodding his head. "Well, what have you determined?"

"Not sure yet." Batman rises from his tense position, relaxing a bit and unclenching his fists. "Still trying to figure that out." He tilts his head as he continues to survey the situation.

"And why is that?"

"First off: I don't trust anyone."

Superman nods (from his expression, the audience can understand that it is common knowledge that Batman doesn't trust anyone, and Batman isn't revealing anything new by telling him this). "And secondly?"

"You're an alien. You're different than us. You aren't from here. You seemingly came out of nowhere...obscurity. You have the power to control the world with a single finger, and the only person who controls that power is you. You've revealed nothing about your life outside of the cape."

"To be fair, neither have you," Superman chimes in.

Batman's lip trimmers as he almost breaks into a smirk, but it quickly reverts to the stoic face he has been maintaining. He likes to be challenged. "Granted. But additionally, you've put the world at risk simply by being here, and hundreds have died in your wake."

Superman's face contorts, and he looks down as visible pain crosses his face. "All valid points," he says. "But I tried to save those people, I really did. I saved as many as I could, and I'm continuing to save as many as I can. But, you see, none of these things are my fault, you've got to understand. I can't help the fact that I'm different from you all; it's how I was born. I know that my power can potentially be a huge risk, but you have to take my word that I will always use it for the greater good. For truth and for justice and for peace. I've been here for over thirty years and haven't done a single thing to harm this world. I have no reason to start now."

"I can't take your word on that. You could be lying."

Red and blue blights catch the two men's faces as the cops finally arrive at the scene (despite the fact that Superman has obviously dropped the thugs off at jail; apparently these cops haven't received word of that yet). Batman gives a quick glance towards the door.

"I don't lie," Superman says. He turns away in exasperation, pacing as he tries to think of some convincing argument that'll win Batman over. It's obvious that for some reason, he feels that he needs Batman's approval.

"Tell Ma and Pa that they have a lot of explaining to do," Batman mutters.

Superman's gaze whips back around to the cowled vigilante, Superman's face suddenly covered in worry. "What did you just say?" he asks loudly, the conversation between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne in the elevator just hours before replaying through his head once again.

Bruce: "So you're sure you aren't one of those other 'aliens among us' that Luthor was yammering about?"
Clark: "If I am, Ma and Pa sure have a lot of explaining to do."

Batman is standing closer now, showing that they are roughly the same height. Though Batman is physically inferior, he shows no fear standing in the presence of the Man of Steel, and doesn't seem to mind getting in his face. He stands close and speaks quickly as the shuffling of officers' feet can be heard just outside the door.

"I know everything about you, Mr. Kent, so don't be mistaken. I am no fool. I know that yes, you were raised in Smallville, Kansas, but no, you did not live there your entire life; for a period of time, you traveled up North, hitchhiking from place to place, trying to sink into the shadows and hide yourself, while at the same time in search of something...the alien spacecraft which, in time, you did ultimately acquire. I know that your father -- your adopted father, that is -- died in a freak tornado around a decade ago. I know that as a child, many reports came in of you displaying miraculous and inexplicable 'God-given' abilities, always saving one kid or another in some way or another that just wasn't exactly normal. I know that your childhood home, with mother still living in it, was trashed when Zod first made contact with earth just a few weeks ago. I know who you are, and I can tell you this: you most definitely tell lies. Your life is a walking lie, Mr. Kent. That is why I don't trust you."

Superman's jaw tightens and the veins in his neck pulse outwards. His eyes are dead set on Batman now, and for a second it appears that he is about to punch Batman, his anger is so intense. It can be assumed that he realizes that Batman compromising his identity puts all of those that he loves in potential danger. He holds himself back, though, and instead just replies in four short words: "I understand, Mr. Wayne." The two lock eyes for one last time, and dramatic music plays in the background as it appears they are about to get into a fist fight. They both tense up (Batman even gives off the fighting vibe despite the fact that he knows he stands no chance again Superman...or not yet, at least), but nothing ever comes of it.

At that moment, the cops barge in, and Superman looks to his right, temporarily distracted as he watches them burst through the doors, guns loaded and pointed. He turns back to Batman, but there is no one there. The Caped Crusader has disappeared, nowhere to be seen. Superman sighs and he closes his eyes in thought. The alarms once again grow louder, and then the scene fades to black.


Lex Luthor's eyes burst open, a sudden and intense heat surrounding him and causing him to jolt awake. He sits up in his bed and looks around to discover that his entire penthouse is aflame, and he screams in pain as the realization hits him that his hair is on fire too. The fire burns at his head, scorching his scalp and causing him to scream even louder as the pain spreads throughout his body. Smoke seeps into his nostrils and he struggles for air, and it is obvious that he has become lightheaded. He looks down to see that his clothes are on fire.

He looks forward and sees a tall, muscular figure approaching him through the flames, a cape hanging from the figure's shoulders. All other details regarding the man are obscure thanks to the flames and smoke. A menacing laugh rings in Lex's ears, the laugh of a person who has no regrets. The laugh of someone purely evil. Lex begins to fade out, struggling as hard as he can to search through the smoke and find clean air to breathe in, just something to hold onto. It is no use -- the smoke attacks his lungs, and his vision becomes blurry. He screams again. The blurriness of his vision worsens, and we can see that the caped figure is still approaching, walking slowly towards Lex, his footsteps audible despite the surrounding chaos. At last, Lex inhales one final breath, coughing heavily as it seeps down his lungs. The last image he sees before fading into unconsciousness is an emblem plastered on the figure's chest: a pentagonal shape bearing something that looks like an 'S' inside of it; the camera zooms in on the logo, which takes over the majority screen before fading out, implying that Lex has faded into unconsciousness just the same.

A sweating Lex Luthor's eyes pop open, revealing that is was all a dream. He looks around the room to see that everything is quite alright and nothing is on fire, and reaches up and feels his head, sighing in relief as he feels his full head of hair is still there, with no signs of leaving any time soon. He looks around one more time, reassuring himself that he is all alone. He lies back in bed, the images of the dream still crystal clear in his mind. He closes his eyes and tries to make himself fall back asleep. But the haunting images of Superman slowly approaching him through the flames refuses to leave his mind.


"I can confirm the x-ray vision," Bruce Wayne says, looking down at a piece of paper placed atop a dozen or so other papers, all of which sit in an opened manila folder titled "Kal El," which is sitting on the desk and contains pictures of Superman, Clark Kent, the Kent family, etc. as well as a list of all the "known" superpowers as well as apparent strengths and weaknesses that Superman has displayed. The camera shifts back to Bruce's face, and at the same time he looks up to meet eyes with Alfred. "He knows who I am. He saw right through the mask."

"And does that bother you, sir?" the butler asks.

"Well, it all depends on whether he can be trusted or not, doesn't it?"

"What did you determine about him, Master Wayne?" Alfred asks, walking up behind Bruce and looking down at the folder before him.

"I'm still not sure. He seemed trustworthy, genuine...but I just don't know, Al. It could all be a game he's playing. It could all be an act. We have no way of knowing."

"No, no we do not," Alfred responds.

Just as he says this, one of the screens before them shows news coverage from Metropolis that had aired earlier in the day. Alfred smiles, grabs a remote, and turns the volume up. As the footage roles, Bruce gets up from his seat and takes his place at Alfred's side, gripping the railing before him as he watches the monitor.

"--and I was falling, and I was pretty sure I was done for," says a huge African American man (John Henry Irons) from the other side of the screen. He is dressed in a pair of overalls and seems extremely excited to be relaying this story to the public. "I kind of came to accept my fate, content with the fact that my last act as a live human being had been to save another man's life. But then, all of a sudden, as I was there just falling to my death, a hand grabs me out of nowhere, and when I open my eyes, BOOM! It was Superman! He smiled at me and told me everything was going to be alright, and I knew he was telling me the truth. The way he looked at was like he wanted me to never be scared again. It was incredible, I tell ya!...I was...I was safe." The man gave the camera one last toothy grin before screen shifted back to the news reporter, who smiles at the screen.

"As you can see, Superman has saved the day once again. Thanks for listening; this has been Metropolis News at 9."

Alfred reaches the remote out, clicking the monitor off and placing the remote on the desk once again. He looks Bruce in the eyes. "I think he deserves a chance," Alfred says.

Bruce turns around, crossing his arms and sitting against the rails. It is obvious that he is in deep contemplation. As we watch, quick, silent-but-meaningful flashbacks make their way to the screen in short, choppy segments. We see a man with a gun corner child Bruce Wayne and his parents in a dark alleyway in the early nighttime as they exit a play. Another flashback shows Thomas Wayne reaching into his jacket in search of his wallet. As he hands the wallet to the man with a gun, the camera view shifts back to present day Bruce, obviously still lost in deep thought. Another quick flashback shows Thomas getting shot by the thug and Bruce's subsequent scream, silent in the movie but captivating the audience though a seeming artistic beauty as the oh-so famous origin story is retold quickly and with no words. The next flashback shows Martha getting shot as well, and then the next shows her pearl necklace falling to the ground and breaking into a bunch of pieces. The killer runs off, taking his gun and Bruce's parents' stuff with him. Bruce kneels down and spends this parents' last moments with them, tears running down his face. Eventually the cops arrive and have to peel him away from them, and he sits there as their bodies are loaded into an ambulance and driven off.

We now see adult Bruce standing in the Batcave again, still lost in thought. At last, he lightly nods his head. "Not everyone gets chances, Alfred. He has to prove to me that he is trustworthy. I'm not saying it'll be easy for him, but if he is trustworthy, he'll have to prove it somehow. I...I just can't risk anything."

Alfred nods. "I understand, Master Wayne."

(to be continued...)

So tell me, everyone, where do you see the story progressing to from here? Is there anything you would have preferred to have seen throughout the events in Part III? Is there anything you would have liked to see work out just a bit differently? How do you like the story in general??? Feel free to answer all of these questions in the comment section at the bottom, and remember to answer the poll questions, because they will help inspire the storyline for Part IV and will largely help me finish the section as soon as possible! Hope y'all are enjoying World's Finest, and I will be back with Part IV very soon!


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