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Unfortunately for Magic Mike fans, Matthew McConaughey's sudden desire to make movies with more muscle (sorry...), after a previous acting career which relied mainly on his six pack and Southern drawl, means that the actor and his chest probably won't be returning to the sequel, Magic Mike XXL.

But, despite McConaughey's departure from the full-frontal, flesh-flashing franchise, thongs are about to fly again for Magic Mike XXL, the follow-up to Steven Soderbergh's ultimate pecs appeal stripper flick of 2012. The movie is set for a July 3, 2015 release date and it's got us thinking about who should be cast.

While Channing Tatum (and his buttocks, which probably affect the tides), Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer's buns of steel are all rumored to be back for the sequel, we'll miss McConaughey's titillating Tampa strip-club owner, Dallas. So - before mailing in your panties to Warner Bros. with your demands - consider these top five suggestions for who to replace the buff, naughty McConaughey teasing the audience in tight leather trousers...


Zac Efron

The sexy Neighbors star, who won "Best Shirtless Performance" at 2014's MTV Movie Awards, revealed recently that he would "definitely be interested" in a part in the sequel and that he's more than happy to "take it all off for the stripper film". Right, I'm just nipping out to pre-buy my tickets...


Chris Hemsworth

Before he was the heavenly Thor hunk, Hemsworth busted some moves on Australia's Dancing With the Stars that included some monumental gyrations of his man meat. His strip tease in Magic Mike XXL would ideally have some kind of "bringing the thunder" nod to the role that made him a growly sex icon. RAWR!


Kellan Lutz

While RPattz is the Twilight tease with all the attention in headlines, you have to admit Emmett is the Cullen you'd want to get a little frisky with. And, well, judging by his Calvin Klein underwear campaign, he ain't opposed to getting down to a pair of bulging briefs. Vampire-themed striptease, anyone? Sign me up!


Charlie Hunnam

Because we were all heartbroken at the announcement that he wouldn't be getting his freak on for the big screen, it's the only way we'll forgive the super schorchin' Sons of Anarchy star for dropping out of Fifty Shades of Grey. God damn Hunnam and that horrendously sexy shredded six-pack of his...


Ryan Gosling

Let's just take a moment, here...

Yerp. Without further explanation, I'm pretty sure Ry's got this one down.



Who do YOU want to replace McConaughey in Magic Mike XXL?


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