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Now this is interesting. We all thought the Walking Dead gang was heading to Washington DC in search of Eugene's scientist buddies and the possibility of answers to the whole zombie outbreak. And while cast and crew have started filming in a big city, they're not in Washington, but actually Atlanta, GA.

Thanks to the hard work of The Spoiling Dead Fans - we've got some on-set images of Atlanta transformed into a post-apocalyptic wasteland:

Check them out:

First off, I gotta say it's awesome to see [The Walking Dead](series:201193) heading back to a city setting. A zombie apocalypse always feels so much more tangible and atmospheric if you can witness the decay and degradation of a civilization on this grand scale. We get to see the remnants of a world now lost, and it's scary as hell.

But the question is, why is the group back in Atlanta? They haven't been back to the city since the destruction of the CDC back in Season 1, so what gives?

Is there a McGuffin in Season 5 that pushes them back to the city? Perhaps they learn this is where Beth has been taken and they're now leading a rescue mission to get her back?

There could also be a simpler explanation. Perhaps this actually is DC. Obviously I don't mean in the real world, but rather in the world of The Walking Dead.

Like this
Like this

Many streets in Atlanta were closed for hours for filming, so perhaps it was cheaper - and more practical - to stay in Atlanta and use generic parts of downtown as a stand-in for DC. Filming has always taken place in the GA area, so it would be a huge logistical feat to shift production north to Washington.

Either way, I'm totally excited to see what Season 5 brings


Why are the gang in Atlanta?

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