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Vin Diesel proved he is just like any other father by taking his two young children to experience the magic of superheroes at the cinema recently.

The actor, who voices Groot in [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) was invited to a special screening of the latest cut of the movie, and he chose to share the magic with his family.

Although Vin praised the movie highly, his heart was really where any fathers would be - relishing his kid's first experience of the big screen.

The 46-year-old actor was clearly over-brimming with excitement over the fact he could share his latest cinematic achievement with those closest to him.

The Facebook post he broadcast after the movie is just so adorable it makes me grin from ear-to-ear just reading it;

I have to share this... My youngest who is 3 yrs old, has never been to a movie theater before in his life. Today, I was invited by Disney and Marvel to see the latest cut of Guardians of the Galaxy and I was able to take the angels. WOW!!!!!
To Marvel, Disney, the incredible cast and team and especially James Gunn... Thank you for making a GREAT MOVIE! It was amazing and will always be special, for it was the first film I was able to take my family to see and oh how they loved it.

You've got to respect Vin Diesel for always wearing his heart on he sleeve and being so damned real.

Whether it's his unguarded grieving for his 'brother Pablo', or dancing to pop songs for his fans, it's so easy to imagine hitting a bar with Vin and being able to relate to him in so many ways.

Never stop keeping it real, bro.


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