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After the death of one of its principle stars, the seventh edition of the Fast & Furious franchise was delayed all the way back to 2015. However, now we are hearing that date has been brought forward slightly

[Fast & Furious 7](movie:264263) was originally expected to release on July 11th 2014 - next week to be precise - however, the sudden death of Paul Walker understandably delayed production until April 10, 2015. Now, according to HitFix, the latest installment of the high octane racing franchise will actually be released a week earlier on April 3, 2015.

There's no official reason for the move, but the April 3rd weekend is rather bare of major competition - not that the Fast and Furious franchise needs to fear much. Instead it will be going up against the Nicolas Sparks adaptation [The Longest Ride](movie:874831). No prizes for guessing which film will dominate the box office in that week.

How excited are you for the sequel?


How excited are you for Fast 7?

Source: HitFix


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