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Colm S. Herron

The teaser trailer for the upcoming fourth season of [Hell on Wheels](series:722473) has just dropped.

Check it out below:

Hell on Wheels has gone from strength to strength every season, overcoming the Saturday night slot, a historically difficult airtime, and becoming one of the most successful shows on the air right now.

Season 3 garnered particular attention from wider audiences, raised the bar significantly of what the show was capable of and fans responded in kind. Just when everyone thought it was going to get cancelled, it got renewed, and not only for another 10-episode season but a thirteen-parter.

This trailer implies a slightly more life-beaten Cullen who, after having lost a considerable amount in Season 3, seems to be fighting back. Expect to see a rawer more reckless Cullen.

What do you think of the trailer?


Hell on Wheels Season 4 Trailer

Image: Seriable


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