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By now, if you have the internet and are not solely obsessed with seeing what Miley and R-Patz are up to, you'd have definitely crossed paths with this picture of Kevin Smith crying outside the set of [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158). But all is not how it seemed. In fact there is a strong possibility that Smith had gotten onto the set by luck.

In a recent podcast of Hollywood Babble-On, Smith goes into great detail describing the events leading up to his apparent accidental trip to the Star Wars set.

The whole thing began with Smith getting an email:

…this is going back a month ago…an email from a dude who is like, ‘Hey Kev, we haven’t talked in a while, but I’ve been thinking about you. We just started shooting in the desert, man. We’re heading over to London. If you’re going to be in London, blow me up and roll up on the set, man.’ Signed J.J. Abrams.

To which Smith replied hastily:

I am going to be in f***ing England. I’m coming over to do some shows with my friend Ralph, and bla, bla, bla.

The response then came from a seemingly contended Abrams:
Oh my god, great. Then, you’ve got to come stop by the set.

But this is where the story got a little screwed up because it would appear that it was another Kevin Smith that Abrams had contacted. Smith himself thought that the email was a bit too loose and friendly for it to be JJ and so he emailed back to confirm:

I just checked in with your office, so I’m all set to visit, but just in case, I want to put this out there, in case maybe you hit the wrong Kevin in your address book. I said, ‘This is Kevin Smith, the Clerks guy.

Abrams replied:

Oh, f**k!

It is unclear what happened after this apart from the fact that Abrams did let the real Kevin Smith attend the set and made him sign a non-disclosure agreement upon arriving. I think it says quite a lot of Abrams character that he let the super-fan Smith on through. It would have been too cruel to set someone like Smith up like that to just knock him down. Abrams would know about this being a huge fanboy himself.

Did Abrams do the right thing?


Did Abrams Do The Right Thing?

Source: ComicBook


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