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Channing Tatum's big 2014 may have been tempered somewhat by Jupiter Ascending recently being bumped to 2015, but it's still been a great first half of the year for the actor. The Lego Movie and 22 Jump Street have been two of the biggest comedy hits of the year, and there are still six whole months to go. October's animated epic The Book of Life looks terrific, but it's Foxcatcher, out in November, that could be set to send Tatum into the stratosphere.

The film is fresh off a fantastic reception at the Cannes film festival, where it was nominated for the Palme D'Or, and saw helmer Bennett Miller win the Best Director award. Which, combined with Channing Tatum's box-office heat and the more established acting talents of Mark Ruffalo and Steve Carell, could just give it the push it needs to be the break-out success of Oscar season.

If it does - it may well owe a lot to Tatum's raw, physical performance in the lead role - one which is very much showcased in the recently released 2nd teaser trailer for the film.

You can check it out below:

[Foxcatcher](movie:264060) is currently set for release November 14, 2014.


What do you guys think? Will Foxcatcher be the icing on top of Tatum's year?

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