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One of the funniest British films I have seen in a while. I recently came across this film few months ago along with Snatch which are now two of my favourite 'Guy Ritchie' films.

Ok so you will get confused with the names and the different gangs in this film (HEADS UP). But i don't know how he wrote it but he did it so well. Took only 5 weeks or so to film if i remember correctly.

Tom, Soap, Eddy and Bacon one of the main characters and group of people who you have to remember. So they loose a card game and end up owing £500,000 to one of the biggest crime lords, in a game called 'Three Card Brag' a 16th Century british card game, i believe it's a game where you got to pick out who's bluffing in a way? I am terrible at card games i have to admit this! So now their stuck and they need to find the money. But they didn't know until now that they can get what they want right next door to them.

Three Card Brag...
Three Card Brag...

You see the other groups of people who get involved and there all after the same thing MONEY BA-BABY! Once they find the money they need it gets misplaced in places, this is where you start seeing everyone chase the same thing. It's very funny and the curse words they use to curse each other is hilarious. Not to mention different people in the groups end up meeting each other in random places all after the same thing. It's a film that you may need to see a good 2/3 times to just remember and understand it. Due to the characters, names and the different groups that their in.

This film started Guy Ritchie's career in filmmaking and actors Jason Statham and Vinnie Jones. This films has some amazing shots and it's edited so brilliantly. I honestly love the editing in the film. You have the slow mo shots which are incredible i am not quite sure what frame rate they were shooting at but there's some great shots. Also the speeded up shots where they all are drinking and going crazy fast/slow fast/slow camera's upside down LOVE IT! It goes so well with the film. It's sometimes just so hard to explain see for yourself go on click the link below >>>>

I highly recommend this film a watch a great British comedy with a lot of fun action it will make you laugh and if you loved this you have to see Snatch another great film with the some of the casts from this film re-appearing and you have 'Brad Pitt' in Snatch and he pulls off one hell of an Irish accent.

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