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Beyoncé and Jay-Z are really pulling out all the stops on their 'On The Run From Rumors That Our Marriage Is A Farce' tour. Not only have they released 'super secret' wedding footage, but they have also had a good pop at Bieber for good measure.

A huge picture of Justin Biber's Miley Cyrus lookalike mug shot was shown during a performance of "Izzo" alongside a veritable hall of fame of celebrity mug shots including the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and Bill Gates. But, being the unique and delicate snowflake he is, Bieber was singled out for special treatment.

Bey and Jay timed the show so that Justin Bieber's beaming booking photo appears at the part of the song where Jay-Z barks out "so poof, vamoose son of a bitch". Needless to say, the audience were enthusiastic about joining in as Jay-Z dipped his mike into the crowd.

Queen B is always bang on trend with her look and sound so it's no surprise she totally nailed the choice of fellow celeb to bash. When it comes to dry tinder to throw onto the bonfire, nothing is quite so crispy and flammable as Bieber at the moment. He got that concert burning realllll good.

Well played, guys.


Do you think the sport of Bieber bashing will ever end?

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