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Will Damon be revived in The Vampire Diaries? Paul Wesley seems to think so!

In an interview with Huffington Post, the actor opened up about his co-star Ian Somerhalders chances in the show, and his response was overwhelmingly positive.

Paul Wesley pointed out that the five seasons of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) has shown us that the main characters can die but there is an "80 percent chance" that they will return. The 31-year-old actor further argued that Somerhalder is a series regular (not to mention fan-favorite) so he has a "good likelihood" of swaggering back into Mystic Falls.

Wesley also answered questions about how Elena will cope with being separated from her turbulent love interest. When asked if he thought she would be okay, the actor teased that;

Will she make it? What does make it mean? I think she'll make it. She'll be fine

With all of the other things we have been hearing about Damon's chances, including some positive comments from Somerhalder himself, I think we are all safe to stop quivering in our boots about a Damon-less future. But, you can never be sure in Mystic Falls.

Fingers crossed, guys!


Do Paul Wesley's comments reassure you about Damon's fate?

(Source: International Business Times via Wet Paint)



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