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Note, if you haven't seen True Blood's most recent episode, then SPOILERS ahead. Though it might be worth checking out anyway...

Jason Stackhouse isn't a man shy of some loving. He's seen the inside of more beds than Goldilocks in a house full of bears.

There's one coupling though, that - despite fans clamoring for it for years - didn't look as though it was going to happen, with only season 7 of the series left to go. Clearly, we should have known better - if there's a show out there that looks after it's fans more than True Blood, i'd like to see it. Which means, of course, that we were treated this Sunday to perhaps the ultimate piece of fan-fiction fulfilled:

Yup, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) totally got it on - even if it was just in a dream. What's more, Kwanten has been telling TVLine all about it - and as it turns out, he and Skarsgard have been waiting for this for a long time too:

"There was word on the street that a scene was coming, and to be honest, Alex and I had been — not necessarily begging to work together — but we’d been pondering the thought, “What if we were ever put in a scene where it was just the two of us? What would happen?” And this is what our illustrious writers came up with."

The scene itself apparently only took "a couple [of] hours" to shoot, but it wasn't a strain, according to Kwanten:

"I always have a lot of fun, and I think that’s the important thing to remember. We’re just there to have fun and to stay true to the characters. Thinking back to this particular scene, I just remember Alex and I laughing a lot."

For anyone wondering why it happened now, though, never fear - Kwanten has an answer:

"Well, obviously, Jason has had these dreams before, with other vampires whose blood he’s had. I mean, Eric’s gotten himself into some trouble, and I think Jason sensed that."

All of which can't distract from the most important thing to take away from all this: True Blood loves us all almost as much as we love it.

[True Blood](series:200767)'s seventh and final season continues this Sunday at 9 EST, on HBO.


What do you guys think? Best True Blood sex scene yet?

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