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If you did not see last week's episode of [True Blood](series:200767) then go no further.

The episode begins with an intimate scene with Sheriff of Bon Temps Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard). In the fan world this has been a suggestion for a long time that these two get it together and finally the True Blood writers caved and threw it in there for their, and perhaps your, viewing pleasure.

However it wasn't so easy getting the two on-screen together as throughout the show they had shared very little screen time.

According to Kwanten:

We really only saw each other at the table reads, which is maybe once every two weeks... We’d begged (to) give us scenes together.

Later he spoke about his reaction to where the scene comes from and how it was received:

It was somewhat hilarious... it comes from a very funny point.

True Blood is currently airing on FX

Fans of the show have said in various blogs and comments that this was blatant 'fan-service' but what do you think?


Is the Gay Scene Fan Service or Does it Serve a Purpose in the Story?

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