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Kristen Stewart has a scarlet letter painted on her that refuses to be scrubbed off, after her well documented smooch with director Rupert Sanders, it seems like she will always be 'stealing' peoples men in the eyes of the press.

According to Star Magazine, Kristen recently met up with Demi Moore and her 27-year-old boy toy Sean Friday for a business meeting, but things turned sour when KStew started giving Friday the eye. A insider source told Star that;

Demi recently became livid when the 24-year-old actress caught her beau’s eye during a business meeting. Demi invited Kristen over to talk about a few movie projects but she and Sean completely hit it off. Now Kristen has a bit of a crush on him

The tabloid alleges that Kristen and Sean went on to sneakily exchange phone numbers and have since been in contact;

Right under Demi’s nose, but Kristen’s pals are trying to steer her away from a disastrous situation

So, is any of this true? Absolutely not.

The only possible use I can think of for the shameless rag that is Star Magazine is as an absorbent piss pad for puppies, because reading it isn't going to get you anywhere.

It is so easy to de-construct how they cobble together their fabricated stories, it's almost embarrassing.

Remember when it was reported that Kristen wanted to star in an action movie with Demi? Well, it's clear that Star have seized this idea, made up a business meeting and then accused Stewart of getting her claws in, because it's just so easy!

Try harder next time...

I am going to pull out all the stops with this one and give this pile of turds a huge five out of five on the bull-s**t-o-meter!

Why 5? There is absolutely no evidence here! The movie Kristen and Demi were supposedly meeting about was probably made up in the first place, and I have never seen one photo of the pair together. Ever.


Will Kristen Stewart ever escape cheating rumors?

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