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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

This series of (3) articles was very enjoyable to create. I'm glad that a lot of the Moviepilot community enjoyed and took part in this. With that said, due to the responses, I might have to make another match up plus create some new-fun rules! Okay, ready... Let's find out your pick.

Our winner is.....

Marvel came out on top in the final match up having two of their three character's win! If you're a DC fan, I wouldn't be upset whatsoever both sides put up a great fight and it's interesting to really see how faithful fans really are towards Wonder Woman (winner against Marvel's Valkyrie).

In my opinion out of all the match ups my favorite were these two -

Big Barda vs She-Hulk
Big Barda vs She-Hulk

It would've been hell on Earth to watch these ladies go at it!

So I have an important question for all you..


Which of these choices should be the next match ups?

Artwork by Stanley Lau & Cristian Melián


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