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It was only a matter of time. Ever since initial production started, fans have been salivating for images of the big three set to appear in Zack Snyder's new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. First, we received our first look at Ben Affleck in the cape and cowl:

And now we got our first look at what Superman's new getup will look like:

Did he get a haircut?
Did he get a haircut?

Well, when I said "new" I meant new belt haha. There isn't much difference between this outfit from the one he wore in Man of Steel, save for minor changes.

Gotta love my photoshopping skills!
Gotta love my photoshopping skills!

The lines around the abs are different, and the "belt" area has been changed from oval to square shape. I'm glad they didn't change much because the full body suit just works. What this image does suggest however, is the mood in this film could be dark and gritty. It has been said that in this new film, we will see majority of the public against our man of blue. Could this be a foreshadow of that? Will we see a darker side to Superman or will there be some kind of inner retribution after his life changing actions at the end of Man of Steel. If you don't remember, he snapped Zod's neck. Wait Whaaaaaat? Yes, it set fans in an outrage but let's face it, he had to do what he had to do.

If you look closely at the image, the setting is very dark, gloomy, and depressing but he seems to be exerting some level of confidence. It could also suggest the opposite. No matter how dark times get, he will maintain his image of hope and be the role model for change. He also seems to be standing on a roof top, and by the looks of it, the surroundings look to be representing Gotham City. Maybe he is just chillin' and waiting for Batman to go have a drink?

Whatever this picture represents, I'm liking it. Dawn of Justice is a film that will break all kinds of grounds because never before have the two come face to face in the cinematic world. My bet is, DC and Warner Bros. will keep the momentum and anticipation high for their next reveal, Wonder Woman!

I bet we will see a photo of her REAL soon...I can bet my left big toe on that.

Sound off below on what you think this image represents. Do you think it is a good direction to go dark and gritty?

Image Courtesy of USAToday


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