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The 'Leftovers' premiered last Sunday on HBO after True Blood, leaving me wanting more.

The started off slow and left me looking around and muttering to myself as the stories slowly played out and unfolded.

Starring Justin Theroux, Liv Tyler, and Amy Brenneman just to name a few. Justin is rough and tough cop Kevin Garvey that is just barely holding it together as we watch his life crumble.

Several stories are set up and left hanging just enough for you to want to know more and wait for episode 2.

First Liv Tyler's Meg is stalked by this cult like group, showing up everywhere that she is, she cries she screams and even goes as far as slapping one of them, Amy Brenneman, who goes unfazed, to only end the episode when Meg herself joins the group.

Finding out that Amy's character Laurie is the wife of the police captain Kevin. \

Twist and turns down every corner.

Here is a sneak peek at this upcoming week's episode.


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