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As I've mentioned in an earlier article, I had a dream one night about an upcoming Disney movie/Winnie the Pooh spin-off involving a character that could be Tigger's ancestor. The movie, as titled in my dream, is called The Adventures of Julius, and takes place in an old mountain community about 100 miles outside the Hundred Acre Wood, where Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and their friends live.

In the dream I had, Julius looked a lot like Tigger, except that he was wearing a coonskin cap and a blueish-white pajama shirt, and was even carrying a wooden staff with him. Julius was also climbing on a rocky mountain. The film's logo showed a crimson oval with a gold outline; the text "The Adventures of Julius" is written in a fancy gold font, and the Walt Disney Pictures logo was shown on top of the oval in gold. The background music could possibly be an ethereal-sounding orchestral tune. The film could also have some original songs being sung by the movie's characters.

I have described the story line in the earlier article about The Adventures of Julius, but I want to describe it in a more detailed manner. Here is how the story should go:

In an old mountain community filled with tiggers living amongst each other, the winter season is about to be on its way. Julius, a craftsman with a keen appetite for adventure, was looking through his scrapbook when all of a sudden, he learns of his ancestors being a part of a royal family of tiggers; in detail, his great grandfather, Thomas, was "King of the Beasties" (a subject matter raised in an episode of the '80s Disney Channel program The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh). Julius announces to his fellow neighbors that he would be leaving the village and go on a very important adventure to find his royal destiny.
He climbs through many rocks and mountains, and eventually meets some new friends, ancestors of Roo, Gopher, Rabbit, and Piglet. On the first night of the journey, Julius and his new friends build a campfire and entertain each other with some spooky ghost stories.
The next morning, Julius and his friends go through many obstacles, which I'm not going to discuss for too long, and Julius finally finds his family's royal origins. Julius starts a family, and they all lived happily ever after.

As I've mentioned in that one article, The Adventures of Julius would be kinda like a mix of The Tigger Movie (a Winnie the Pooh film from 2000), Pixar's 2012 classic Brave, which was set in ancient Scotland, and Disney's extremely popular 2013 magnum-opus-of-the-year Frozen. I think The Adventures of Julius would be a lot like Frozen, but with a Tigger-like twist. The reasons being are: (1) the setting, taking place during the winter and in an old community, (2) the use of original songs in the film, and (3) the somewhat ethereal nature. The similar elements of Brave makes the film more realistic (time-wise), but it would be more like Frozen than Brave.

What do you think of The Adventures of Julius? Feel free to comment whatever your opinion is!


What do you think of The Adventures of Julius, and should it be like Frozen?


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