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Josh Montgomery

Afflicted was a movie I have been trying to follow since about last year. I saw a post from this site saying that this was a movie that people needed to look for. And so I saw the trailer and I was hooked! I wasn't too sure on what it was about but the intense curiosity was there for me. Unfortunately it wasn't playing at local theaters so i had to wait til it came out to Redbox. And finally I found it and I can now sit here and express my opinion to you on the movie. Do not worry there will be no spoilers given as I want you to experience this for yourself.

Afflicted is a found footage film about two backpackers traveling through Europe while one making a documentary about their experience. However one night one friend get's himself into an incident that then changes everything about him and his vacation. That is all I will say for you reader out there incase you are the type that doesn't like to watch trailers but instead read the reviews. And just because the fact that I want people to experience this movie like I did.

Now I'll be honest found footage is about to loose it's steam for me. It's really becoming a gimmick and just a cheap way to make a movie. I mean constantly you are yelling at this person to just put down the camera and run but instead to get some cheap jump scare that makes you roll your eyes. It's becoming irritaing and is making me loose my hope especially with this paranormal activity stuff coming out. But every good once and a while you get a good film that just happens to be horror and found footage which just so happens to be this film. Obviously right there it says that I really really liked this film! Not only did it surprise me but I am now keeping my eye on these directors because what they did just about blew my mind with the budget they had. The two leads had incredible chemistry with eachother and could tell that these guys really are friends on the outside (since they did direct and write together). I also really enjoyed the camera work and thought it was even better that Chronicle! I'm looking forward to listening to their commentary to see just how they did some of this stuff. Anyways this movie is a must see for everybody as this such a breath of fresh air that was thrown into the horror genre. Tell me what you think down below and if you liked it as much as I did! Please no spoiling for the other readers please!


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