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About nine or ten months ago I posted an article about a possible green ranger spin-off (pg-13) movie. Jason David Frank, the original green ranger had been hinting about meetings with SABAN and the possibilities of actually making it happen. Then maybe a month ago we got the news of a MMPR reboot with SABAN bringing LIONSGATE into the Super Sentai fold. Initially, I was hesitant to rejoice.

Lionsgate has done well with book-movies like Divergent, Hunger Games, and Ender's Game. They really know how to pull from the young adult market. So how will you take a t.v. show that, let's face it, is known for it's poorly written scripts, cheesy plots and for lack of a better term "stock footage"? We'll What we know now is that we are getting a retelling of the original American story. Five teenagers (with attitude) are summoned buy the giant face (Zordon) to save the world. No word really on how far the movie will go, like if it will include the conversion of new kid Tommy Oliver from Rita's evil spell.

But here's why I'm doing this article. My dream recastings usually happen. (Maybe 73% of the time.) True story, when Snyder announced Batman vs Superman, now titled "dawn of Justice, I took to social networks and posted,

"I bet someone like Ben Affleck becomes batman...".

People laughed but I was laughing (and a bit horrified) when he was actually cast. Well here is my MMPR:Reboot cast!!!!!

Jason the Red Ranger
Jason the Red Ranger

Lets start with the "leader" of the bunch. I think Josh Hutcherson would really portray Jason in a likable way. He plays a wide variety of characters and would really pass for a leader type plus he's not new to action with movies like Hunger Games and Red Dawn under his belt.

Next is Zack

Now Zack is known for being quite the dancer. While most people are saying Michael B. Jordan should play Zack, I think that is the only black young actor they know. Those same people would probably say Denzal Washington could play the part. But here's an Idea.....

Corbin Bleu! (Like the cheese) We all know he can dance thanks to more High School Musicals than necessary and of course Dancing with the Stars.

Ok, this one for me is hands down dunzo....

Trini in the original series was very quiet and reserved but could really kick some butt! I think the perfect Trini would be.....

JAMIE CHUNG!!!!!!!!!! I'll watch anything she's in. I mean, really! We all watch the flop "Dragon Ball Evolution" and we watched it for her!!!! Now, of course she can fight and we know that from her portrayal of Chichi in that.... uh... DBZ remake and also as Mulan in abc's Once Upon A Time. Can we get a Trini spin-off!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

Here's a fun one. Billy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billy was such a geek and that was awesome. Only, I never got why they chose him to be a ranger. In the beginning he was just there but by the end of his run, he was buff and tough. Billy should be....

Dylan O'Brien would make a great Billy. He plays the heck out of Stiles in MTV's Teen Wolf.


She was pretty much every boy's first crush. Kimberly was the vally girl type with the "like I need a mani pedi..." thing going and she was also a gymnast.

Shenae Grimes would really make something of this role. I loved her in 90210's spin-off.


Of course Tommy was new in Angel Grove and Rita yanked him up to be her evil green ranger then the spell was broken by true loves kiss or! If we do get a Tommy in this movie I can see him being played by

Taylor Lautner a.k.a Jacob! Lautner is actually quite versed in the art of Karate and the ladies love him!

There you have it! Who do you think should be the fab five (or six)?


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