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To me the two most underrated heroes from Marvel are both heroines: Rescue (who I did two articles about in the past) and the She-Hulk. One of my personal hopes is that this character is introduced in the Avengers Age of Ultron. She's a character that at first feels like nothing but a flirt but she's actually a really likable hero who never does anything wrong...unless you go with Mark Millar's version where she was basically Marvel's prostitute. To properly adapt The She-Hulk you will need a good writer who can respectfully adapt her (Joss Whedon, we can check that off) and an actress with charisma and good acting skills.

Now some of you are probably wondering, "Mark, how in the world can you put She-Hulk in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)?" Well I have an idea about it.

Let's say when Ultron decides to go rogue and start destroying New York at about halfway into the film, in that chaos Bruce Banner's cousin: Jennifer Walters was wounded but Hulk saves her. None of the Avengers' blood matches Jennifer's except for one: Bruce's. As a last resort, Bruce performs a blood transfusion to save the only family he has. She lives but little do they all know that Bruce's blood has created another monster.

Just as the big ending fight begins (we know there's going to be one), Jennifer is crushed by a pile of concrete by Ultron. This causes Bruce to transform out of anger and begin fighting along the Avengers. A green hand punches through the rubble, standing from it is the new hero: the She-Hulk.

With the help of She-Hulk, the Avengers defeat Ultron...unfortunately the battle is not over. Due to his transformation being forced onto him by anger, the Hulk is uncontrollable now. Since She-Hulk is not a raging beast, she teams up with Tony Stark in the Hulkbuster suit to face the jolly green giant. She may not be as strong as Hulk but she can outsmart him.

Now that's my idea for just a few scenes with her but now we have to talk actresses.

1. Olivia Wilde

Not a single bad performance from this woman yet so that proves herself as a good actress, she's gorgeous like She-Hulk is supposed to be, and she's got the charisma.

2. Alice Eve

Personally I would prefer it if she would play the Invisible Woman in a movie that accurate portrays the Fantastic Four....but since that's not happening for another ten to fifteen years I pick her for Jen Walters. All you need to see is her role in [Star Trek Into Darkness](movie:37722) and you'll see why I picked her.

3. Rachel Weisz

Now if we're looking for someone closer to Ruffalo's age then this is the girl you should go with. She's got the acting chops and the charisma from the first two Mummy films and for looks....well if she can look this good at her age then she can do it.

Now this next one will seem odd but bear with me.

4. Ellen Page

Yeah I know she's Shadowcat and all but guess what...X-Men is going to have one more film in the series, plus X-Men and Avengers are in different universes. If Chris Evans can be Human Torch and Captain America then I see no reason why Ellen can't be a young cousin of Bruce Banner. If you're worried about her age then you're being silly, they are cousins they don't have to be the same age and she's twenty seven years old. I see no reason she wouldn't work.

So those are my ideas for She-Hulk. Do I think she should start with her own movie? No. Should she get her own movie down the line? Sure, why not? Rescue should get one too. Hopefully She-Hulk looks less terrifying than the picture on the top.


Who should play She-Hulk?

Tell me your thoughts down below.


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