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I'm a HUGE John Carpenter fan as well as a Snake Plissken fanboy, and of hearing in recent years of a REBOOT/REMAKE I've been wondering how they will go about this...well here are "my thoughts" and "opinions" on the subject.


If they choose to completely REMAKE the film, I can see how you can really make the concept of a New York Prision way BIGGER than what Carpenter could or was able to at the time. More prisoners, more helicopters, and more death defying escapes for the great Snake Plissken to pull off. But haven't we seen other films suffer the "SAME THING AGAIN" syndrome? I think with Escape: NY, the overall concept is STILL highly original and can be played with more in many different ways.


People shudder at this word and REMAKE and say, "Why fix what's perfect?" I'm also a firm believer that some films are TOO GOOD to be remade, examples such as RoboCop, The Terminator, Predator, Big Trouble in Little China, The Thing...these films have stood the test of time and still remain to be some of the best films made. Unfortunately RoboCop was remade recently is wasn't the best RoboCop film we could have gotten, but it had a few things that managed to give it some credit.

Now with a reboot you can take the entire concept and EXPAND it, which in the case of Snake Plissken; his world is a playground for someone who knows how to tell a story like this and you have to really want to see what's beyond New York and LA. With a reboot you can seriously expand that world and show the beginnings of the construction of such a world...and a prison that lies within it. One of the best examples of a REBOOT is DREDD, Nolan's Batman Trilogy, & Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Those films gave a fresh take on each of the material they were giving, and have created some of the most intriguing reboots of the past ten years. This reboot concept would be fantastic for Snake Plissken's world...only if you get someone who understands Carpenter's ideals and sense of world building and can get the same atmosphere as the original.


A year ago me and my friends were gonna do it...
A year ago me and my friends were gonna do it...

Now here is what we all REALLY WANT! The final installment in Snake Plissken's adventures..."JOHN CARPENTER'S ESCAPE FROM EARTH"...come wanna see old Snake kick some serious ass again one last time. Unfortunately we might not see Carpenter and Kurt's last badass film together with the impending doom of the REMAKE/REBOOT headed our way.

Back in 2001 we ALMOST got to see Snake fight Martian zombies in "Escape From Mars", but because "Escape From LA" preformed so bad at the box office they opted for a totally new concept...thus "Ghosts of Mars" was made.

There were other attempts to bring Snake back, an anime series, a short lived comic series, and even a TV show...but Snake got locked up...again.


All I can really say at this point is the hope of an amazing Snake Plissken film rests in the hands of those who can make it happen...let's hope for the best.

Maybe there is hope in the form of a fan prequel web series...

I guess this summer...we'll find out...



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