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So far, I've been incredibly impressed with the casting for the upcoming Batman prequel show, Gotham. We recently saw the release of eight posters for the main cast, including Batman, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, The Riddler and Penguin, and they just looked incredible!

My personal favorite, the poster for Selina Kyle
My personal favorite, the poster for Selina Kyle

Now it looks like the casting directors are continuing their winning streak with the news from TVLine that Carol Kane has been cast as Gertrud Kapelput, Oswald Cobblepot's mother!

Penguin's mother isn't a character who we have seen much of, up until now. She appeared briefly in Batman Returns (played by Diane Salinger) under the name Esther Cobblepot, and in the series Penguin: Pain and Prejudice as Miranda Cobblepot.

Given the importance of the Penguin's childhood in shaping him into a villain, I'm excited to see this character (and this story) fleshed out in the show, and I think that Kane is a fantastic choice for it.

Robin Lord Taylor absolutely looks the part of the Penguin, and in terms of physical appearance, I can already buy Carol Kane as his mother.

On top of the resemblance, Kane is an Oscar-nominated actress, who has proven herself across genres. Her character is described as "A proud and faded beauty with delusions of grandeur" and I just know that she will be able to pull this off!

I feel like an older version of this will happen!
I feel like an older version of this will happen!

And the best part? Because she has been a very minor character in the DC universe thus far, there is really no way to get it wrong! (Unless I just jinxed it by saying that.)

As more actors are revealed and new characters appear (Disney star Kyle Massey will also be making an appearance) I just get more and more excited! Prequels are often unpopular, but if the rest of the show holds up to the casting, I think that this one will be a huge hit!

What do you think?


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