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ABC has cast Georgina Haig of Fringe to play the coveted role of Frozen's Princess Elsa on Once Upon A Time.

Just a few days ago, we found out that Elizabeth Lail was playing Frozen’s Princess Anna in the upcoming season of Once Upon A Time. And while the originally Kristen Bell voiced character is beloved for her spunky tomboyishness, there is no denying that the first thought on everyone’s mind is: but who is going to play Elsa?

Well, like a “Le It Go” cover earning two million hits overnight on YouTube, the introduction of Once Upon A Time’s Elsa has been a foregone conclusion, and now the casting is here. Georgina Haig (Etta Bishop on Fringe) has been cast as the ultimate icy blonde!

As originally reported by Entertainment Weekly, the character is expected to make a big splash on the ABC family drama, especially given her teasing introduction in the Season 3 finale, which you can watch below.


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