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Two of the stars of the 2003 film Freddy vs. Jason reunite for Uwe Boll’s : Rampage Capital Punishment.
A decade after doing battle with horror villains Freddy Krueger and Jason Voohrees, two of the stars of the horror classic Freddy vs. Jason reunite.
Brendan Fletcher and Lochlyn Munro star in director Uwe Boll’s action-packed Rampage : Capital Punishment, the sequel to one of Boll’s best-reviewed movies Rampage (2009). The film hits DVD and VOD in August.
In the new film, Fletcher plays violent anti-hero Bill Williamson, who plans to change the world by exacting vengeance on the rich and ripping Washington apart. He holds a number of people hostage and uses his captives as his political platform to spread his message and awaken humanity.
Rampage : Capital Punishment is on DVD and VOD August 19 in the U.S and October 21 in Canada.


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