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Now I know we all have a movie or two that we feel should have received a sequel, regardless of how bad critics or our friends think it was. And then there's the ones that were terrible, and you're just like...can't we get a re-do? Now you may not agree with this list, but keep an open mind. Now for this list, it will include some where it's extremely iffy, or on again off again, that it will get a sequel or reboot. They're also not in any particular order, as all of them I REALLY want a sequel or reboot from and I couldn't choose one over the other.

Number 10: Jumper

Now I know how most feel about this movie. OK so the acting was slightly sub par, but it was not as bad as everyone made it out to be. The story line is awesome, I mean, who wouldn't love the power to transport anywhere in the world whenever you wanted?! And on top of it all, the huge cliffhanger they left at the end insinuating a sequel.

Number 9: Ghostbusters

Even with Ramis being reduced to a pesky poltergeist himself, I think this should still be made, or at least rebooted. I mean, think about it, they could either reboot it with a whole brand new cast, or they could do a sequel Extreme Ghostbusters style. For those of you who aren't privy to the awesome cartoon, Extreme Ghostbusters was a cartoon in the late 90's that lasted 1 season. The Ghostbusters have retired, and Egon is the only one left in the firehouse. When, all the sudden, ghosts start appearing, 4 new recruits are taken on to continue the Ghostbusters legacy.

Number 8: Percy Jackson

Ok, so sue me, I've read all the books and thoroughly enjoyed them. The 2nd movie was no where near as bad as everyone made it out to be. Though there are things that could have been better, I still think they should go ahead on this one, no one likes a movie that just leaves you hanging. And for those who watched the first and 2nd movies in the series, but haven't read the books, they were left hanging. I hate cliffhangers!! I know they're supposed to keep you hanging on, but then you have to wait however long it is for the next one to come out.

Number 7: Alien V Predator

Ok, the 2nd one sucked with a capital "S", but at least finish the series. You leave me with aliens and predators running around in a city with no closure. What happened? Are all of them dead? Whats going on? Or at least reboot it, as the 2nd one sucked horribly. And the reboot would need to be done correctly. So many questions, so few answers. And there's so many different ways this could be done.

Number 6: Dredd

OK, yes, I enjoyed the version with Stallone, but the remake with Urban was awesome. Though they didn't really leave it with a cliffhanger, but they left the ending rather ambiguous. I guess at the time they weren't sure if they would make a second one so they wanted to make it end as a stand alone movie. But honestly i think it was good enough to warrant a sequel.

Number 5: Robocop

This one definitely deserves a sequel. The Reboot rocked. Too many people wanted it to be a carbon copy of the original. But the whole point of a reboot is to be different. That's why reboots are so different from the original, it's a fresh look by a new director to go in a direction the director wants. I posted earlier this year why the remake was awesome, and honestly, i think a sequel would be even more awesome.

Number 4: Real Steel

I don't care, this movie was awesome and cute to boot. I mean, who doesn't love robots? This one has boxing robots. I want to see Atom come back and kick some more robot butt in the ring. Though the ending left it able to be a stand alone movie, there's so many different ways it could get a sequel.

Number 3: Green Lantern

I don't care what anyone says, the first one was awesome. I liked Ryan Reynolds as the Green lantern. And the way it ended left it wide open, and honestly a sequel would be awesome. Now that they've used the 1st movie to do all the character development, they could easily make an awesome action packed sequel.

Number 2: Hellboy

Come on, how many of you knew this one was going to make the list? Ok, so the 2nd one was missing...something...what it was I don't know, but it didn't have it. But the 2nd was still awesome, and after the very ambiguous scene with the Angel of Death, everyone that did see it, is extremely curious as to what it meant. This is one that has been on again off again for quite some time, I'm hoping that it will be on again permanently.

Number 1: Riddick

And last but not least, Riddick. This franchise, in my opinion, should have died after Pitch Black because it just throws you into the middle of a story line to start, does very little character building and all in all was a "B" Rated movie. But i sure am glad it didn't die, because the 2 sequels it's spawned have been freaking awesome. There's talk of them making another, but at this point it's iffy at best. But i would love to see a sequel that closes the story up good.

Now i know i say i hate cliffhangers and the whole "to be continued" thing, but in all honesty, it's awesome. Normally it signifies that your favorite characters are coming back to the big screen for more of your favorite story line. But when your favorite story line is cut short because not as many people like it as much as you do, it sucks. So tell me, which of these do you think should get sequels? Which not? Or was there something on the list that you feel should have been?


Which should get a sequel?


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