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Warning: Potentially HUGE Walking Dead spoilers contained in the following article. Continue at your own risk.

Some disturbing news has been leaked from the The Walking Dead Season 5 set and it involves the injuring and potential abduction of one of our favorite characters.

Those super-troopers over at The Spoiling Dead Fans are reporting that during filming of a night scene, Carol was hit by a vehicle before being kidnapped by a couple of dudes dressed as cops.

Here's the description in full:

It's highly likely that a scene was filmed last night of Carol being hit by a station wagon with a cross on it. Spectators say that after Carol was hit, two individuals dressed as cops came out of the vehicle. After seeing them, Carol faints and is loaded into the vehicle on a cot. The broken window on the car was replaced after the scene was shot. We know MMB arrived back from the scene with what looked like rope burns on her wrists and her stunt double arrived back about an hour later looking "pretty damn rough." Could this be related to the Cadillac with a cross we reported on about a month ago and the car chase with Norman & Melissa? Pics of the station wagon that struck Carol below prior to filming. How many cars in the ZA are sporting crosses? We'll keep an eye on this and clarify any info as we confirm it.

Here are some images of the station wagon before the smash:

WTF does all this mean? The cross on the back of the station wagon suggests that Father Gabriel might have had something to do with this.

But what's clear is the Father Gabriel in the show is nothing like the guy in the comics. Perhaps he's the leader of a survivors religious cult and the cops are his heavies? Or he could be working for the Termites, bringing them 'offerings' in return for his own safety?

Whatever's going on, it sounds like Carol could be in real trouble. Fingers crossed Daryl comes to the rescue and shows them who's boss.

Stick close and I'll keep you posted on all the updates as and when we get them.


Who nabbed Carol?


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