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In a recent interview, Christopher Eccleston spoke about how he would be very interested to return for the fifth season of [Heroes](movie:926822). This is quite surprising because one of the main reasons he only did one season of [Doctor Who](series:200668) was "the culture", which in my opinion isn't too far away from the Heroes culture.

Check out what he said when asked about reprising his role as Claude Rains:

Of course, yeah, I had a great time on the show...Yeah. Iā€™d always be interested. That was a great character. I love that guy.

I don't know about you, but this is very promising to me considering his character never had a chance to be explored in the way he was in the spinoff graphic novels. Perhaps now we'll see the Claude Rains we all want to see.

Claude Rains had the ability to turn invisible and during the first season of Heroes, he was a huge mentor to the Peter Petrilli character.

Eccleston can currently be seen in HBO's [The Leftovers](series:862415)

Would you like to see Eccleston return?


Eccleston's Return to Heroes

Source: ComicBook


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