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In Season 1 of The Walking Dead, Atlanta was hit pretty hard. The streets were amassed with rotting corpses, and even tanks didn't seem to offer much protection from the clawing horde.

Since that first opening season, we haven't been back to Atlanta, although The Walking Dead filming on the outskirts suggests we might be returning there for season 5. However, some of the set images taken from this filming has fed speculation online.

It seems many of the shuffling corpses in Atlanta seemingly look quite 'fresh'. I mean sure, they are technically rotting piles of flesh, but compared to the ghouls we saw in later seasons, the Atlanta walkers seem like recent converts. Take a look below:

This has led to suggest that this fact perhaps underlies the story which has unfolded in Atlanta since the end of Season 1. They suggest:

Here, it seems as though there is a batch of freshly-killed walkers; could it be that these are some of the other people trapped in train cars at Terminus? Did Atlanta have a survivors' camp until not long ago?

This could of course be true, but there might be another, rather more boring reason for this. Extensive prosthetics and makeup costs money and if The Walking Dead is once again planning scenes filled with walkers, they might have make them appear 'fresher' for financial and timing reasons. Dull, I know. But a possibility.

The Walking Dead returns in October this year. It's most likely we'll see some debut footage at this years San Diego Comic Con International this month.


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