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So it's the July 4th weekend and you've probably got a lot to do. There's barbecues, fireworks, drinking, reading the declaration of Independence, watching Independence Day, reacting the Battle of Bunker Hill AND chanting USA! USA! a lot.

That's already a pretty busy weekend right there. Unfortunately, AMC haven't helped matters by staging their The Walking Dead marathon over the July 4th weekend! They'll be showing all 51 episodes of their flagship show from the morning of July 4th all the way until 9pm on July 6th. I know what you're thinking, can I just tell my family to stuff it and sit in front of the television all weekend? Well, probably not, but luckily Entertainment Weekly are here to help.

They made an impressive list which tells you at which point over the weekend various great moments from The Walking Dead will occur. It's huge, in-depth and obviously a labor of love, so I won't recreate it all here. I will, however, select five moments so you know when exactly to jump in front of the TV.

Beware! Spoilers obviously below!

July 4th

12pm - Enter The Dixon

Daryl Dixon and his trusty crossbow arrives on the scene. He's kind of pissed at Rick for leaving his brother to die in Atlanta, but he's not exactly hanging around to discuss the issue. Cue Daryl leading the way back into Atlanta.

10:56 pm - Barn Shootout

After a slightly slow period - EW claim there's nothing really watching from 7:40 pm to 10:55 pm - suddenly all hell breaks loose at the Greene family barn. There's a mass shootout and we finally get to learn where Sophia has been hiding.

July 5th

3:49 am - Shane vs. Rick

Set your alarms early and you can get up just in time to see Shane and Rick have one last argument - and no, that's not because they hug and make up and vow never to argue with each other again.

8:30-9:00 am - Goodnight Sweet Prince

At this point in the weekend, you're probably tired, a bit tipsy and ready to get emotional. Well, that's perfect because from 8:30 onwards you're going to be fighting back the tears. The zombies attack the prison and T-Dog makes his heroic exit from the series. Oh yeah, and Lori dies.

July 6th

12:30 pm - Prison Blues

After you've finally stopped weeping over the lose of T-Dog, you can tune in again to watch another brutal massacre of The Walking Dead characters. The Governor rolls up to the prison and this time it's really, really, personal.

Of course, EW's epic guide goes into much more detail about your other favorite moments, so make sure to head over to there even more specifically plan your Walking Dead viewing weekend.


What is your favorite season of The Walking Dead?

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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