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Jurassic World may still be a while away, but in the meantime, there are a whole lot of other humans being menaced by dinosaurs to be enjoyed.

The Expedition, the latest cinematic offering in that most specific of genres - found footage dinosaur horror - has a brand new trailer, and with it a whole mess of lethal dinosaur action.

You check it out below:

The film, directed by Adam Spinks, stars Ben Loyd-Holmes, Neil Newbon, Sarah MacDonnell, Ernesto Cantu and Daniel Caren - in a scenario that would make the hardiest paleontologist's skin crawl.

"[They're a] research team led by a renowned and respected Professor who embark on an Expedition deep within the Amazon to study vulnerable and endangered species. However after a series of strange events, the superstitious guides abandon the team, who, faced with a tough decision, decide to remain deep in the jungle in an attempt to complete their study… but as night falls they begin to realize that all really is not as it seems and that they are in the hunting ground of an apex predator… Something they never could have imagined."

Which from the looks of the trailer will be dinosaurs, rather than the actual Predator. Which is lucky, really. Because there's no way he would let any of them get away...

[The Expedition](movie:1673888) is yet to receive an official release date.


What do you guys think? Scarier than Jurassic Park?

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